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Deep Tissue Massage

Deep Tissue Massage

Our specialty! Deep Tissue massage is designed to target each layer of tissue separately for ultimate tension relief. We will  begin by using myofascial release techniques to target the fascia. We then work in to the top layer of muscle tissue to release adhesions, strip scar tissue, and activate  origination and insertion site using trigger point therapy. We can then begin to work in to the belly of the muscles to elongate  the muscle strands and reate space between the muscle attachment sites. We may also find additional trigger points, fascial  adhesions, and scar tissue here to strip out. You'll leave feeling taller, looser, and generally more spaghetti like. 


Benefits of a Deep Tissue Massage


$20 - 15 Minute Deep Tissue Massage 

$40 - 30 Minute Deep Tissue Massage  

$80 - 1 Hour Deep Tissue Massage 

$120 - 1.5 Hour Deep Tissue Massage 

$150 - 2 Hour Deep Tissue Massage 


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