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Percussion Therapy

Percussion Therapy

Utilizes two bamboo sticks of varying sizes in order to circulate stagnant Qi: trauma, emotions, inflammation to be expressed out of the body to allow for circulation. This detoxifies the body, emotions and various organs, and focuses on the deepest layer of muscular tissue.

What is percussion therapy?
Percussion therapy is a series of rapid movements in which the body is repeatedly tapped by the hands or specific tool. Tapping is generally performed in short, even sequences traveling over specific areas of the body. These movements should not be too hard or aggressive or continue for too long in one area in order to prevent over-stimulation of the skin, muscles, or nerves. It's effective to combine various percussion techniques and other massage manipulations.

How does it work?
During the day muscles experience a build-up of lactic acid whether from exercise or lengthy periods of immobility. This build-up is what causes the stiff, achy feeling we experience after a workout or from sitting in one place for too long. Percussion Therapy increases blood flow that mirrors the benefits of a passive cardiovascular workout. It will help improve circulation for quicker muscle recovery after regular workouts. The increased circulation from the therapy will help reduce inflammation, decrease minor pain, and accelerate the healing process, which are important steps in helping the body recover from strenuous activity. Percussion Therapy also has the benefit of breaking up muscle knots allowing blood to flow freely which in turn, allows the user to relax and stretch more effectively.


$200 initial treatment / $150 follow up
Includes Percussion Therapy, Cupping, Gua Sha (Scraping) and Chinese Herbal Consultation


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