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Traditional Chinese Medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine

Fracto-Holographic Theory of Health & Healing

A healing method developed by herbalist Moe Lam, as the result of the accumulation of evidence of data he has gathered. With over 10 years of practical, hands on experience, he postulates that at the core of illness and disease exists an underlying-emotional cause. Fracto-Holographic Theory is a theory that provides a vehicle for the exploration of emotive, usually subconscious influences that underlie all physical ailments. Moving this emotional influence out of the body is the direct approach with which profound healing can occur. When we unblock stagnation, we move the emotional data that is stored replete, within and outside of the body.

Below, are the modalities with which Fracto-Holographic Theory of Health utilizes to accomplish radiant health:

Traditional Chinese Herbal Consultation
Percussion Therapy
Gua Sha (Scraping)

Moe Lam

Owner of The Healing Tree Apothecary & Tea Bar. As a business owner, student and healer of Traditional Chinese Medicine with over 12 years of experience, I have seen remarkable reversals of illness and disease towards that of radiant health; achieved with the help of natural, plant-based medicines from a medicinal culture that dates back to over 5,000 years. Immersed in this ancient system of healing, I was able to combine German New Medicine to espouse an ancient rediscovery of a lost art and science. The missing piece that was missing was the realization that underlying all illnesses and diseases lay an emotional causation which German New Medicine sheds light upon. The name of the theory underlying the principles of how our consciousness moves through our physical bodies is what I have coined: Fracto-Hololographic Theory. The premise of my theory states: that what ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine describes as patterns of illness resemble those of a fractal -nature of the universe, how everything within the universe is inter-connected. To explain, the health of a human-being can be discerned by looking at the tongue, the eyes, the ears, the hands, the feet and any part of the body. Although the body appears to be separate, the ancient understanding of meridians, or lines of energy connect the external surfaces of the body to internal organ-systems, to brain-mapping regions, and emotional states. What we see here is a coherence and communication between how we think, feel, to how we become sick. These patterns that the ancient system of the east had developed are still relevant to health and healing today–if not more so.

Germanic New Medicine was founded by Dr. Ryke Geerd Hamer. He was an oncologist who came to the realization that all illness and disease was the direct result of emotional conflicts that we are currently dealing with, or are healing from. He too realized that by placing his cancer patients under a CT scan, concentric rings or cymatic patterns were observed. His conclusions mirror those of the discoveries that the ancient Chinese had discovered, that organ systems communicate and connect to brain regions. As an embryo in development, these connections were holistically-connected. As we develop into full maturation, these pathways still exist, yet only appear to be separate. He then compiled case histories of his clients and began to realize how emotions played a pivotal-role in the development of disease.

As I made this realization by connecting both Traditional Chinese Medicine and German New Medicine, I began to see a greater pattern. I rationalized that if the meridian mapping system of TCM paired with German New Medicine’s take on emotional causality–armed with this knowledge–thus, by clearing blockages along the skin, muscles, and fascia, we are in fact clearing the paired organs, brain regions, and emotions associated with blockages within these meridians that run along the surface of the body. Achieving balance, and radiant health, physically and psycho-emotionally on all three levels.


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