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Bamboo Pro™ Natural Relief Socks

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"For Achy & Tired Feet"

Bamboo Pro™ Natural Relief Socks are made with Bamboo Charcoal Technology that activates with your body temperature for self-warming relief. Natural warmth helps increase blood circulation, which can energize tired feet, soothe achy joints due to aging, relieve soreness, and melt away discomfort. Bamboo charcoal can fluctuate in temperature to provide cooling relief. Also perfect for playing sports, running, or hiking as bamboo charcoal is high in odor and moisture absorption.


  • Relaxed Fit
  • Anti-fatique
  • Relieves Achy & Tired Feet
  • Activiated Bamboo Charcoal
  • Self-Warming Fabric
  • Absorbs Odor & Moisture
  • Thick, Durable, & Long-Lasting
  • For Both Men & Women


One Size Fits Most: 

Men's Size: 4-12 | Women's Size: 5-13

Available Quantities:

  • Pair: $8.99
  • 4-Pair: $32.40 (Save 10%)
  • 6-Pair: $48.60 (Save 10%)



How it's Made: We select bamboo stalks harvested from sustainable forests and expose them to intense heat up to 1,800 degrees Fahrenheit for two weeks. This pyrolysis process creates an activated bamboo charcoal that carries high electrical conductivity properties for self-warming relief.

MaterialBamboo Charcoal Viscose 60%, Cotton 25%, Acrylic 10%, Rubber 5%.

Directions for Use: Wear like normal socks on your feer for the bamboo charcoal to activate.

Care Instructions: Machine wash in cold water. Dry on gentle cycle, low heat. Bamboo charcoal is high in absorption so to release odors and pollutants it may have absorbed, place the product in sunlight or under a full spectrum light bulb once a month for an hour, or as desired.

Type: Apparel

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